Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Mind Readers (w/Zakiya)

The Mind Readers
By Lori Brighton
Publisher: Smashwords - Dec 2010
170 pages, Google Docs
Date Finished: 27/12/2010 (Zakiya), 23/12/2010 (Leanne)
Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Fantasy, Coming of Age, Action

Synopsis: Cameron Winters is a freak. Fortunately, no one but her family knows that Cameron can read minds. When Lewis Douglas arrives, he tempts her with possibilities of freedom. Determined to embrace her hidden talents, Cameron heads to a place where she meets other Mind Readers. But when the Mind Readers realize the extent of Cameron’s abilities, they want to use her powers for their own needs.

~First Line: "The man sitting across from me at the cafe was thinking about murdering his wife."
~Last Line: " 'Whether you believe me or not, Sweetheart, I'm pretty much the only thing standing between you and death."

Ms Brighton did not pay nor bribe us to review this novel.

Zakiya's Review: OH MY GOSH!!!!!! For 2 or 3 months, I thought The Last Song was the best novel out there. I have been proven wrong! Lori Brighton's YA novel was filled with action, emotional pains, characters that I wanted to hurt -- physically. Once I got closer to the climax, I was practically yelling at the charries for doing stupid .... stuff :). The story's somewhat-hero, the one I yelled at the most, describes Cameron as a "sitting duck" while trying to persuade her into going back with him to Aaron's hosue to train her powers. Yeah, she agreed. So she was, what, a swimming duck? Something to ask the author :). I have honestly never read anything like this. If I could change anything, I might make it a little longer, but I LOVE the cliff hanger at the end. With that steep of an ending, there has to be a sequel. So many ends were left untied. This novel definitely gets 5 wings!!

Leanne's Review: Lori Brighton outdid herself. This novel was short (170 pages) was amazing!!!!! I read it through GoogleDocs and could not stop. This book was completly amazing. It is the best one I have read in a while. It had everything you would want in a book, but it was very short. There was a lot going on. You never know what will happen next. Cam is just trying to find a place in the world. She is diffrent than others in more ways than one, but the most dominate is that she is a mind reader. So is her grandmother. She doesn't think anyone else is, because her grandmother has shielded her from all of that. I personally loved this book. You couldn't just skip a few pages like on other books; instead of focusing on a bunch of unnessasary details, it just gets straight to what's happening. The time in it jumps around a lot, but it isn't that hard to keep up. I would reccomend this to everyone. It is a light read between books and very interesting. I would rate this 5 pins.

(From both of us)

Our Favorite Quote!!!! :

"The guard grabbed my left arm and jerked me up the steps. My heart plummeted. Maddox might be some sort of secret agent, but unless he was Harry Freaking Potter, there was no way he could get us out of this situation."

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fire:Kristen Cashore

I think this was an amazing novel. It takes place before Gracling because Leck is a boy. Fire is an outstanding creature, who can control the minds of others. She is like a gracling but diffrent in many ways. There are parts that make you want to scream and parts that make you want to cry, but that just adds to the depth of the book. My favorite characters  other than Fire are Archer and Hanna. Cashore is a beautiful writer and this novel shows that. I could not put it down. I liked this better than Gracling for some reasons but they are very diffrent, so you can't really compare them. I will be reading this in the near future. It is something you have to read! I would rate it 5 pins


Friday, November 12, 2010

Mockingjay Review!!!!

Okay.I just finished Mockingjay. WOW, so heres the review.

Rating: (4 pins)

Okay, so I LOVEDDD this series, & this boook but it threw me off. It jumps around alot so you are not completly sure of whats going on sometimes, so you have to go back. They have ALOT of characters and alot of names to keep up with but thoses are the ONLY reasons it got a 4. To the good part..This was a fantastic end to the series. Katniss choses the guy she loves, a lot of lives are lost, but stay close in memory. There is so much fighting and stuff that it keeps you on your toes, and enough romance and stuff to even it all out. I swear I could not put this book down. Some parts make you laugh out loud and some make you want to cry.  One of my favorite lines in the novel, Suzanne uses to lossen up the dark mood.. "One man in a fluffy robe, holds only an overripe banana"... Once again this novel is stupendous and I would seriously recoomend this book and series to any one!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Okay, so i know i have been posting randomly, sorry. I will try to do better. But i had to post this. I have been reading and not posting orders or anything so i have a problem so i will be a few more days until i have my list up of up-and coming reviewwwss and reviews period.:)
  so thanks a buch.happy reading

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Uglies Series!!:)

So The Uglies Series...    

Uglies~ I enjoyed this book. It was my second favorite out of the whole series. I am glad that the author Scott Westerfeld addedalot of information that you needed in future books. I am doing this review a few weeks after finishing this book so alot of things I loved that I can not think of. But I did really like this book. I likethat it is placed within the future and that here are so many adventures in this one book. It's the most unique of all the books in my opinion. Tally is pretty much amazing. I would rate it 5 pins.
Pretties~ This was my least favorite. It was pretty slow until they got the medicine, then it began to progress. I feel some ofthe ideas in the book made no sense for example Shay refused the cure at first but got madthat Tally didn't share it. It was a good book though I love all of these books and would recommend them to everyone.I would rate it 4 pins.
Specials~My favorite! It had so many crazy things and unpredictable outcomes that made you want to never put it down. It was pretty fast paced. The whole series could have ended with this book though. It used all your information that you got in the other books and I just loved this book! I would rate it 5 pins.
Extras~This book was not nessasary in the series. I didn't like how it changed charracters. I mean the whole begging half had nothing to do with the rest of the series pretty much. It got interesting during the last half of the book. I didn't like how Zane was never mention Scott just ended the thought with three dots >...
Instead of figuring out a way for them to learn who he was. It also had alot of misleading and things that could have been left out. I didn't really like how the whole series ended either.  I would rate it 3 pins.

The whole series~ It was amazing and combinded well with the first three books. Scott Westerfeld is an amazing author and I loved the series as a whole. It has true meaning, and IMPORTANT meaning too, unlike most books. It showcased many important things. I would tell ANY one 13+ to read this. i would say 5 pins.

My Ghost Story (:

      As I was standing at the gates of the towering mansion, in my new black dress, as per instructed by the invitation. I stood there waiting on the hostess, my best friend Alex, and I heard owls screeching, little children laughing and the loud party music from afar. It was eerie being outside on Halloween by myself. As I stood there, I kept thinking I was seeing things, but I convinced myself otherwise since, after all it was the night of the living dead. Alex came out finally, and lead me to the basement. It was filled with people and thumping with music. The music was intoxicating, it made you want to dance. The dance floor was almost filled with teenagers moving to the rhythm, it seems as it the loud music was flowing through our veins and putting our heart beats in sync.
    When about an hour, or so passed and everyone got off the dance floor and the party seemed to be filled with less and less people. I searched for my friend Alex, but she was nowhere to be found. I kept seeing the shadows and hearing noises. All the doors and windows were locked from the outside so, I frantically found my friends Brittney, Matt, Gisela, and Chase. Soon I looked around and there was no one but us five in the before packed, but now deserted basement. We all decided to all stick together, and no matter what we saw we would stay strong, we did a little handshake and started off. We walked in to the room on the right and it looked seemingly normal until you look at the floor. It had blood stains, from where a dead limp body had been dragged across the floor out the window. Matt and Gisela both screamed at the same time, we all clutched hands, and I felt everyone shaking, and trembling.
     Then we heard a scream, it was a high pitched scream that was loud and made you gasp in horror. We all looked at each other and agreed in silence. We didn't want to die but we went looking for the person who screamed. We all got walked across the hallway into a room. The room was filled with mirrors. Not regular mirrors either, distorted mirrors. They were all around the room. There was a young girl behind the mirror, her dress was ripped and bloody. She had scratches all over her and her head was bleeding. She looked about 10 years old, but her face could barely be recognized. Chase, Brittney and Gisela ran out of the room, Matt ran behind one of the distortion mirrors. There I was in a face off with a ghost. She had a knife, and with one swift movement, she ripped my dress and cut me in the stomach. I lunged out of the range of her knife and kicked one of the mirrors. Only the thing I didn't know was the mirror I kicked had Matt behind it and he got a lot of scratches and he was bleeding profusely but, at that moment all I could do was get a piece of the broken glass and heave myself toward the ghost. I stabbed it in the heart and the ghost dropped the knife and it's spirit died. I helped Matt into a sitting position,meanwhile Chase, Gisela,and Brittney come in the doorway and jump on me, scaring me half to death. I reared back and hit them all on the arms and yelled ”DO YOU REALLY THINK IT'S NESSASARY TO SCARE ME!!!!” Chase handed me a small band-aid and asked “Need this???” I gave him a sidelong glance and said sarcastically “Well Matt might need a couple more!” Brittney looked at me and said ”what about your stomach?”. I had forgotten about it, so I replied”Eh, I am Fine...”. After we patched up Matt he swore he could walk so we traveled upstairs.
    The stairs were usually a gray-white color, but for the party they had black paper over them. The paper now had a combination of dirt,blood, and rotting stinky flesh. I gave their hands a squeeze and we continued walking. There was a door open on our left so we walked in. This room was different then the whole house. There was not a trace of blood, any evil creatures lurking about, just a normal bed room. I looked around and realized it was Alex's little sisters room. Her little sister Kara, was asleep in the bed. We walked over to her, and we weren't prepared for what happened next.
      Alex jumped out of the bed throwing Kara's limp body to the side and jabbed me hard in the jaw. She nailed Chase in the stomach and Brittney in the leg. Matt and Gisela were still up, since Matt was already injured it didn't take much to get him down, and Gisela is very petite so soon we were all lying about. Alex was leaning over Brittney's body, doing something but I have no idea what, but all I saw were those fangs so, I yelped and mustered enough courage and strength to go at her with all my might. She was busy with Chase now, and all I could see were images of Brittney's neck bleeding and Alex's fangs. I made sure to hit her as she was finishing up, because I didn't want Chase to get hurt. I landed on her with a thud. She hissed at me through her now sharp teeth she said “Aw you don't want to hurt me do you? I know to much best friend.” She got a look of hunger on her face and I punched her so hard I felt her nose snap and I said in a hushed whisper “You obviously don't know anything, and now I know to much.”
     I got up and rushed to help us my friends they hugged me and patted me on the back saying “Good job!” Brittney was freaking out she was afraid so she went over and kicked Alex really hard in the side multiple times. We searched her up and down and got her keys. The door bell rang and we exchanged glances and walked toward the door. We opened it and it was a little trick-or-treater. She asked what we were supposed to be and we all mumbled some random thing that seemed believable. We gave her a piece of candy out of the bowl, but we didnt know what 'Alex' might have done to it so we told her not to eat it but she said we were lieing and left. We clutched hands and headed back out side. It was almost Midnight. We looked around for Matt’s car and got in. We were headed to my house when the car broke down. We waited until a car pulled up and a woman said with a deep accent “Need Help Kids??” Then she smiled and the last thing I remember before we blacked out was her long yellowed pointy fangs and us all saying in unison "I HATE HALLOWEEN."

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Review:The Study Train:Volume1:Return Of The Untouchables.

Today, I read The Study Train:Volume 1: The return of the Untouchables. My Friend Zakiya recommended for me to read and review this novel. Kurt Frenier did a good job on this book. I have not read anythng like this ever. It was enthralling. I can't wait until I can  get my hands on Volume 2. It is a fairly light read though. When I read it(through google docs.) It was only 209 pages. Though it does have moderate language and some things younger readers would not understand, I would definatly say it is a YA book. It was a good bok with a lot of adventure,reading about Ethans struggles and hard choices, made you contemplate the decisions you make everyday which are like his ,but on a smaller scale. The ultimate question is Evil & power or Good and powerless. I would recommend this book to any one. 4 pins-

-Leanne :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Review: Bad Girls In Love

I did NOT like this book!. I accidentally picked up the 4th one in the series and I havent ready even the first one. But, It lacked rising action, falling action and a climax. It just kinda started and then ended. It was a steriotypical book. I wouldn't recommend It.No offence to Cynthia Voigt, but it tanked. It uses to much "___ said" "___ answered" she didnt use any Pronouns. She also switched the main charachters back and for through out every chapter with out even coming out and saying who was saying the stuff. It confused me. I only rate It 1 pin(barely!)

-Leanne <3

Friday, September 24, 2010

Review: Sorta Like a Rock Star.

Most novels aren't like this anymore. This book starts out where a girl and her mom are having rough times but she still has hope.She is a devoted Catholic and thinks JC rocks!! She keeps her hope until a tragedy happens and turns her world upside down but like all amazing people she comes up from her sadness and with the help of her friends and JC she is the Hope Spreader again. Sorta Like a Rock Star is an inspiring, helpful book. I would recommend it. It is written by Matthew Quick. I will try to live my life like Amber Appleton.:) True? True. (< gotta read it to figure out what "True? True" is) BTW I'd rate it 4 pins