Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Internet Girls Series

Internet Girls series by Lauren Myracle, the books are ttyl, ttfn, and l8r, g8r. First off, I acually understand why some schools would ban this series, it contains VERY descriptive sexual encounter scenes and some drug use and lanuage. It also contains, questionable morals, and other things that some 'young adults' should NOT be aware of. I acually enjoyed the series, as a whole and the deep meaning of friendship. It was sort of hard to get into it, since there is not really a backstory, since the series is featured in only instant message conversations. The books can be confusing since it skips a whole year between them. I read them a couple of moths ago so, I am a tad forgetfull about all the details, but some moments in the novels really made you 'LOL' and most things in them teenagers in today's society could agree and relate too. I think the novels are good for an adult trying to show teenagers lives, but she tried to put WAY too much in each book, she easily could have made a longer, more enjoyable series instead of 3 books only. I would rate this 3 pins.
I enjoyed it and would recommend it to other teenagers of the same maturity level. It surprises me none, that people would challenge this series.