Sunday, October 30, 2011

Revolution: Jennifer Donnelly

This book was amazing. It is the best Historical Fiction book I have ever read. It combines present day Brooklyn/Paris and Paris during the French Revolution so seamlessly,that you can not put it down for one minute, but you don't ever want the story to end. Revolution is so packed full of details and emotions. Andi's love for music is so deep & understandable since she has lost so much, from her brother, the sanity of her mother, and the security of a home. The way she can relate to Alex is obsessive for her, and she cant't stop. She doesnt want Alex to loose Louis-Charles, like she lost Truman. The bond between Alex & Louis-Charles is so touching & adorable. The relationship aspect in the story line is not a major point, but Andi's relationship with Virgil is so sweet, the way they sing to each other and they are so alike. When she is transfered back in time, she meets the man she is researching for a musical DNA project so she doesnt fail school back in Brooklyn, Amadé Malherbeau. He helps her tremendously, and she helps him. She gives him her iPod and he becomes influenced by some of her favorite artists. I still can not fully rely to you how amazing this novel is. I swear, I would recommend this book to anyone, it is so tremendously complex, and enjoyable. This gets 5 pins.