Monday, August 23, 2010

Review for: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Book Name: Catching Fire(The Hunger Games,#2)

Author: Suzanne Collins

Date I Finished Reading It: August 20th, 2010

Genres: Futuristic, Young Adult, Action, Adventure,Science Fiction.

I liked this book alot. It has so many twists and turns that it kept me on my toes. It is the kind of novel, that you don't know what's going to happen next. I would recommend it to anyone. It is amazing. Katniss and all the characters, grew up and changed during this book.I can't wait until Mockingjay comes out! It had love, drama, mystery, action, and most of all rebellion. Everything you would want in a book.


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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The First Tale...

I just finish reading Catcing Fire by Suzanne Collins. It was amazing! I would definitely rate it a 5. I love that book, and I am counting down the days until Mockingjay comes out. This series is completely wonderful! I am also reading the Clique novels. Zakiya, my best book buddy, has let me borrow books from her large collection of books; haha :). For those of you that dont know, I should explain what a mockingjay is. It's a sign of rebellion in the Hunger Games series. It is a cross between a mockingbird, a regular singing bird, and a jabberjay, a mutation made by the Capitol that was used as a spy. Just a random tidbit about me - I am a SUPERFAST reader; can finish a page in about 33.13 sec's :).

Well, Happy Reading,
- - - - Leanne:)

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