Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reasons On My Wrist: Racaneya

I got the iBooks app on my iPod, and was scrolling through the 'Free' books section. I ended up getting this, and Wishing Field by Liz Trigg. Anyway, I bought this figuring it would be maybe 3 pins because most free books are no good, but boy, was I mistaken. This book was amazing, it really shows what Cassie went though, and her struggles. This book acually made me cry, it pulled on your heart strings. I know some people that have gone through this, and the issues addressed in it really are somethings people need to help others with. This has become my new favorite book. It has even helped me with some problems I have dealt with. Some reviewers argue that this book is to religious, I dont believe so, it just is very inspiring. Cassie is a girl who has a history of cutting, and trying to end her life, because she feels no one would  care . But she learns there are people that care, she can help others, there are things to live for. This is just amazing. Thats it.
                   The End. 5 Pins

Sunday, February 13, 2011

How To Say Goodbye In Robot Collab with Zakiya

This is a collab review(2 reviewers!) of How To Say Goodbye in Robot with Zakiya. Hope you like it!

How To Say Goodbye in Robot
By Natalie Standiford
Publisher:Scholastic, 2009
Date Finished- Leanne-Jan 18, 2011;Zakiya- Jan 31, 2011
278 pages; Hardcover
Genres:YA,Contemporary, Romance, Coming of Age

Leanne's Review

The novel How to Say Goodbye in Robot, was truely one of a kind. I read it last year, but I was not as good at reviwing or analyzing books back then. It was my favorite book, because it made me cry, until I re-read it. Then I saw the lack of charachter substance at some points and plot holes. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone, but it bounced around, alot. Bea was a very understandable character, and you just HAD to love Jonah. Everyone wants a relationship like Jonah and Bea's, being able to be in love with out having to use titles, or show it every five seconds. This book isn't something we all go through, far from it, but it is relatable, which is something we all enjoy. The whole radio show aspect is fun and corky, I really enjoyed this book. Definatly will read more of Standiford's books, she is an amazing writer, who really captures a story.
Rating: 4 pins

Zakiya's review
This novel was first recommended to me by Leanne.I'm so glad that she got me a copy for my birthday. It really was a great read!
Beatrice, our main character, is new to Baltimore, and her first friend is Anne Sweeney. Her first curiosity:Jonah Tate. It was,in my opinion, really fast as how she and Jonah started talking to each other. It was good, though. They were totally in love, and they were almost completely oblivious to their feelings.

Jonah introduces Beatrice to a wonderful and very appealing late night radio show called Night Lights. I have to say, it's not your regular music station. The callers are really great, and their personalities are well-represented. Thy make me wonder: Did Natalie Standiford "create" these characters off people she knew? Or die ge jut have a super-good imagination? My inner thoughts are saying probably both.:)

This novel was romance, but it was sort of a hidden romance; Like, it was there, but you had to be into the characters and their actions an feelings. No action, although thy do "fly" on the "magic carpet," which I'm sure was a lot of fun!

Overall, you need to read this spectacular novel. Sadly it's a stand alone novel, but the ending was so great that you don't really need anymore books with Bea and Jonah(although it would be nice). You seriously need toread this book if you haven't already :D!
Rating:4 pins

Saturday, February 5, 2011

State of The Union

 Ever read The Clique series by Lisi Harrison? If you have, you know exactly what this is. If you haven't:

Massie Block's "Current State of the Union" is where she sums up the last few days with what's IN and OUT. It can be people, places, things, whatever. My BFF Zakiya(Butterfly Feet) and I have decided to bring this to real life. Ususally, we will have different posts, but sometimes we might have the same ones :)

Right now, this is a "meme," meaning that we would luh-v if you would participate, but there won't be a Linky if you do. (You can comment with your link on either of our blogs.)


slapping faces


slapping knees
PDF files*
being organized

* even though we've been reading a bunch of e-books lately, we still love reading PDF files!

** we were talking about wind instruments in Chorus yesterday.

*** couldn't explain even if I wanted to.
-I miss last weeks post so there ya go!!!

Watch out for my review of Reason on My Wrist :)